She, Agatha, was a rather self-sufficient cat. We can say self-sufficiency was for a long time its most characteristic feature. Her body language too, which could be defined as incredibly expressive. But one day, a boy called Marcos came to the house where Agatha lives, and everything changed. Marcos, only 5 years old, knew nothing about self-sufficiency. He knew about caresses and cuddling.
With no further ado, Marcos headed straight to encounter her who was looking puzzled at his audacity. After a few minutes, Agatha let the mistrust barrier down and started sniffing him. And what a surprise awaited her! Marcos could not stop laughing. The touch of Agatha’s sneakers on the kid’s skin caused amazing tickling. Instinctively, he started petting her with his soft fingertips, first behind her ears and then throughout her body.
That day Agatha discovered the universe. Suddenly, something new was happening and she just loved it. Determined, she dropped her self-sufficient cat suit and forever after wore the affectionate suit.
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