One food, all the nutrients We develop the best formula for the healthy and happy growth of our pets. Get a glimpse at how we do it. One food, all the nutrients We select the quality of the ingredients and the nutritional values so that your dog discovers its maximum potential in every stage. Chose the product line that best goes with them. One food, all the nutrients Your cat’s immunological system will strengthen with every mouthful. Get to know our recipe.


Under a single look

We integrate all the processes vertically, from the reception of raw material, to the final packaging of the food.

Strict controls

We comply with guidelines of quality standards and international standards.

New equipment

We invest in technology and innovation to attain out-bettering results.

DOG SELECTION is the exclusive line of Petfood Saladillo. Our industrial plant was the first to manufacture balanced pet food for cats and dogs in Argentina. We work fully committed to the healthy nutrition of our pets and are proud to produce food of excellence.

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  • Digestibility

    High quality proteins, fiber level and processing technology guarantee optimal digestibility.
  • Neurological Development

    DHA from fish oils is key for growth in puppies.
  • Immune Function

    The vitamin, mineral and amino acid complex protects the body from infectious agents and delays oxidation.
  • Fatty Acids

    Omega 3 and 6 keep the organs and skin healthy and the hair shinny.
  • Intestinal Health

    Beet pulp and Yucca extract enhance intestinal absorption.
  • Strong and Healthy Bones

    Calcium and phosphorus favor good bone and joint development.


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